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Mail Sender online help

Installing Mail Sender

To start using the program to download the Mail Sender from the site. Download free. After downloading the file, it needs to unpack and start the installation. When you run the installation program will take a standard request permission to write the program to the hard disk. After the permissions you will see the standard Windows start installation. Select a function and press the button "Next". If after the installation program when you run reports an error - need to restart your computer.

How to Use Mail Sender

Mail Sender main okno

To start working with the program, you must run the program and create a newsletter. To do this, press "Add". A window with the settings lists. Enter a name and select a recipient list, select the servers that should be used for this list, a template letter and if you want to select a file atachmentu. Click "OK" to save the mailing Once the newsletter is created in the main window of the program will enable the button "Start" - click it for the first mailing. Sending letters will be carried out in the background, for vidpavlennya you can watch on the tab "Log" of the main window where there are reports on the state of distribution. An email will be sent to each member of the group of recipients specified in the newsletter, all letters will be distributed among the servers involved in the newsletter.

 Mail Sender creation of mailing

Create a recipient list

In the Select list of recipients, click "Add". In the window that opens, type the group name, and fill out a list of email adresses. Email can be added manually or imported from an external file. You can import email from any delimited text file, such as a standard file format csv. For imporut email adresses of the file, click "Load from file".

 Mail Sender import contacts

In the window that opens, select the file drop from which you want to import and specify the separator character used in the file. If the first line of the file headers indicate this e noticing a tick in the box "First line in file is header". Then click "Next" if there were no problems in the processing of the file will open next tab is where you can specify the correspondence between the fields in the file and fields of contact, if you do not want to fill in a field just leave it as it is, the email field required for fill in the same field of the file can be filled with any number of contact fields.

 Mail Sender import contacts

After filling in all the required fields, click" Next ", the following menu will open and begin importing contacts, in case problems arise, you can see it in the window.

Mail Sender import contacts

After importing, click "Finish". All downloaded contacts are displayed in the creation of the group. Here you can edit the contacts, after click "OK" to save the group. All of this group you can use in your mailings. In case you need to zminty group or add a new contact, you can do so at any time.

Create a list of servers

In the select a list of servers, click "Add". In the window that opens, enter the host smtp server you will use it for gmail "", then enter the port gmail smtp server is "465" your account in the form user_name @ server instance "" ( deviations are possible for non-gmail services), as well as your Password. Next come the server settings to send emails. "Max letter count per day" - the maximum number of messages that the server can send per day. Gmail for it in 2000. "Message at one time" - the number of emails to be sent at one time (no more than 100 for gmail). "Delay between sending" - a break in seconds, between groups of sheets (optimally 44 to gmail). After filling in all the data, you can test the server you created by clicking "Test", the program will report on progress successfully tested, or an error message which will state the reason for such an incorrect password. After the patch, click "OK" to save.

Mail Sender create a server

Creating a letter template

In the Select Template click "Add". This opens a window where you will need to enter the body of a template using a visual editor html code. After filling out the template body zberezhi file and close the window. The new template will appear in the message box, type the subject of the template. And in the theme template and the template body, you can use macros to be filled to the contact that sent the letter. A complete list of macros: #STATUS#, #EMAIL#, #TITLE#, #FIRST NAME#, #LAST NAME#, #INITAL#, #ADDRESS 1#, #ADDRESS 2#, #CITY#, #STATE#, #COUNTRY#, #ZIP#, #TELEPHONE#, #FAX#, #WEB#, #JOB TITLE#, #FIELD 1#, #FIELD 2#, #FIELD 3#, #FIELD 4#, #FIELD 5#

Possible problems and their solutions

If the program can not connect to the server to check your key, check the proxy settings in the menu File - Settings

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