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Privacy Policy for applications
Conversion from csv to excel format at the command line. Small utility for converting from csv to excel using the command line
Checking rejected email online
If the mail server declines check with your local PC, you can use data validation mailing address online.
Checking mail server online If due to certain technical problems you can not check mail servers locally, you can use the new service - online checking mail servers.
Changes needed in Qt OCI driver to connection to Oracle in SYSDBA mode
ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column. In some case we can receive this error even not use LONG datatype
Mail Sender online help
Oracle select from string (varchar2) If you have the inputted string with a list of ID by a comma or other separator and you must use it as a filter, then you have few way to do this...
Fast processing of large XML files. Layout, change, delete tags using the command line. Super-fast processing of large files
Easy program to replace the tapes in files Windows. Suitable for batch files. High speed processing of files.