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Saving result of select into csv file. Right setting for fast spooling result into csv file
Writing Services for Windows with C++. Submitted by class which encapsulates all system calls for the registration service in the system. It remains only to write the logic of service.
Mail Checker online help
Deleteing duplicating record from table in Oracle
Realization trim on С++ for char* with example
When working with a map in C++ and used char* as key having trouble when try finding item in the map by key
Chat sockets C++. Principles of work and published sample code with comments.
Brief description of Steel CMS 2.0. The main innovation second release - multilingualism. It is never been this easy to translate sites into other languages. There was a large property module Forum and other nice stuff.
A brief overview of Steel CMS 1.0. For example the most simple addition of pages, the most simple change in the menu, the separation of content and design, SEO - optimization, automatic support machines, automatic support for "bread crumbs", self-contained units, the collection of statistics and user-friendly editor