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Mail Checker online help


To begin using the program need to download the Mail Checker from the site. Download for free.

After downloading the archive, you need to unzip and run the installation. When you run the installation program will a standard access request to writing on hard drive.

After the permissions are granted you will see a standard Windows installation began. Select the needed option and press "Next" button, after the installation you must restart the computer.


To get started, run application.

Once launched, you can configure the application settings in window by calling the menu item File -> Settings.

Use thread count - the number of threads that will use the program, the default number of set automatically on the basis of data on your computer's configuration, you can try to change this number to a higher speed (the optimal number of must get empirically).

Timeout - the number of seconds that the program will wait for a response from the server, the server usually has time to respond to 5 sec., if the server does not response in this time it mean that is "dead" or highly loaded, some servers have up to 30 seconds to respond, increasing the timeout can not cut off a long time corresponding to the server as dead, but lengthens the time of inspection.

Reconnect count - the number of attempts to reconnect with disrupting compounds.

Check updates for application - when the program starts will be checked for available updates on the site and installed when needed, to install updates, reboot is not needed

After setting up programs need to import a file with email list needing verification. The file must be text, each line of the file should contain only one email, but you can use file with another information in row exept email, but email in a row must be separated from another information one of the separators, ",", ";", " " or a tab.

After you chose file, you will see a message on the number of imported email adresses, as well as the number of duplicate and invalid email.

Immediately after loading the file will start the first phase of testing the validity of e-mail domains in which all e-mail domems from the downloaded file will check on the existing. You can check status of process using the slider in the bottom of the window. After the scan is finished you will see the number of domains tested and the number of working and not working domains.

After the end of the test domain you can launch the second phase of testing (to do this, click "Check") or download the results of the first stage in a file

After you click "Check" start second test phase during which the program call each email server for existing accounts listed in the file.

After the scan is finished you will save the test results email adresses in the csv file, to do this, select File -> Export All.

Free version is limited only to upload the files to upload only "good" or just "bad" records need purchase the full version.


If you experience any interruption of the program context, the program will automatically try to reconnect settings indication in the number of times, if a communication problem continued long term, some email may be mistakenly labeled as "bad", in that case recommend to save the list of bad email adresses in a separate file and drive out to check that file again

Some servers may reject checking if the ip addresom seen your spam activity, in some cases, the program can check email, even in servers reject checking by analyzing the server's response, if the server is still blocking test, you need to try run checking for this emails on another computer to another ip address.

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на странице програми есть кнопочка "buy" нажимаете оплачиваете и получаете ключ.
А как получить секретный ключ? Такой информации не нашел.
Для использования программы нужно скачать демо версию.
Розархивировать - заинсталировать - запустить.
Загрузить файл с емейлами для проверки.
сразу после загрузки файла начнеться первый этап проверки по валидности почтовых доменов
для запуска второго этапа проверки надо нажать кнопку "Check" после завершения проверки
можно выгрузить результирующий файл в csv