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Features Steel CMS 1.0

Maximum simple addition of pages- to add to the site page or section needs only a basic knowledge of computer. Exterior add a page you can see at a stage of creation. Immediately after adding the page, it will be available to the user. Sreednee while adding the page, with text already starters, just 1 minute. NP is not limited, as poddrezhyvaetsya division of rights to view the page between groups of users

Maximum easily change the menu- for greater flexibility in menu generated automatically. And to change it to just a few schelchkov bear.

Separation of content and design- thanks to the use of technology CSS, the entire design in one external file, so if you change the design you will not have to edit already publishing material, all changes will be automatic. Also, the design templates using layout div-s, which increases the rank of a site for search engines.

SEO - Optimization- optimize the site with Steel CMS much easier. The system will automatically generate meta-tags. For єтого need only create a page to fill in the appropriate fields (name, description) and choose the keywords for that page, everything else the system will generate automatically.

Automatic support for NC(English . firendly url, web address human-readable) - These Web addresses easier to remember a man besides sites CNC indeksiruyutsya better search engines, which promotes the TOP vidachi search engines. Steel CMS generates an NC based on unique codes, as well as the hierarchical structure of pages. Sings for a CNC you absolutely do not need to ponder over the complexity of software implementation and need only deprives add a page and specify the desired code in the link and Steel CMS automatically make out the address and display the requested page.

Automatic support "breadcrumbs"(born breadcrumbs, duplicate navigation) - help visitors identify their location on the site. Steel CMS - with help from the hierarchical structure of pages of duplicate navigation built without any of your work.

autonomous units- Steel CMS freely scalable structure. Through the concept of "self-contained units" any programmer can write a plugin to extend functionality of the system. Currently implemented components: news, a tag cloud, polls, mini-portfolio. With the help section of "Stand-alone units, you can control the display and the order of the blocks on the page

Collecting statistics- by Steel CMS you can learn everything about your visitors, from the most popular pages to to where you came to your site. What is important in determining the efficacy of advertising companies. Standard delivery is reporting:

  • Total- shows the number of users and page views your site to date.
  • on the page- Statistics browse the site to date.
  • Referrers- the page with that referred to your site and kolichtvo such transitions to date.
  • user activity- Report on user pages viewed, number of views provided by the data (IP, browser ...).
  • "Raw"- Untreated statistics on the site. The output information: date, user, pocheschennaya page, the page with which pereyshel, page settings, user data.
If you do not have enough of these reports mi happy to work out for you more.

convenient editor- ideal for creating pages. Contains Ajax loader image that will allow you to download illustrations for the page directly in the process of editing the page

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