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What could SteelCMS 1.0
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A brief overview of Steel CMS 1.0. For example the most simple addition of pages, the most simple change in the menu, the separation of content and design, SEO - optimization, automatic support machines, automatic support for "bread crumbs", self-contained units, the collection of statistics and user-friendly editor
Full version there
Deacon Deacon
forces you to change yourself, to write stuff you dont want etc. The point is that if you want to do it publicly, show who you are. This forum is about giving some guys positive energy and you dont do it which really makes no sense, even it you wud say true. This is positive energy site and you should respect it. If you dont want to respect it then respect rule stated by Kev and introduce youself on vieod.Clear.
Flossy Flossy
>Hey lelia!! Your dvd story is too funny!! At least y&7#128;all know how to work it…I can’t seem to figure ours out yet!! But hey! Maybe y’all will learn some spanish through all of this! )~Beth
Ireland Ireland
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Cammie Cammie
Plaenisg to find someone who can think like that
Honey Honey
Your answer shows real inineltgeecl.
Delly Delly
Yup, that'll do it. You have my apertciapion.
Lakesha Lakesha
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Raynes Raynes
I thank you humbly for shanrig your wisdom JJWY
Zaiya Zaiya
I actually found this more eninntaietrg than James Joyce.
Jalen Jalen
You've really helped me undtesrand the issues. Thanks.
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