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Release the first version of Mail Checker 1.0.00 Added the ability to check email, check which was rejected by the mail server, also corrected minor errors and some improvement in performance.
New version of Mail Checker 0.9.20 In this version, cosmetic changes to the interface, and the addition of the online check mail domains.
New version of Mail Checker 0.9.11 Added proxy server settings and added email for check settings
New version of Mail Checker 0.9.03 Fix problem with format of export file and add feature of saving last folder with files for import.
Site Analyzer available for unregistered users. Everybody can analyze your site for free and without registration.
Release new version of Mail Sender 0.9.14 Fix problem with license key saving and small refactoring.
Release new version of Mail Sender 0.9.11 Fix problems with saving templates, using Cyrillic in macros, problem with autoupdater
Release new version of Mail Checker 0.9.01. Fixed problem with settings. Improve performance. Fixed problem with installation
Tools for file processing, free to use
Completed project MailChecker - program check lists mailings